About us


The Taxador of Barcelona specializes in buying and selling diamonds, jewelery and top brand watches.

Its founder  Andrew Goldschmidt is passionate about diamonds, jewelry, vintage jewelry and watches. This is demonstrated by his 35 year career in Argentina, Belgium and Spain .

Andres Goldschmidt, gemologist member  at the College of Jewelers of Barcelona, ​​started his business 35 years ago in the Diamond Bourse of Antwerp, Belgium, buying diamonds for argentine’s customers which has provided him with a large experience in the trading of diamonds and gems.

After dealing privately for many years  Andrew decides to open a store in the city of Barcelona and offer his expertise at his shop in Mallorca 158.

You can feel confident that The Taxador can solve your needs for sale or purchase of diamonds, watches and jewelry. You can also trust on our assessment of inheritance .



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